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Gmail Customizable swipe actions just arrived on my iPhone!

Here they are! Server side update. No update needed from the App Store. Swipe left and swipe right only. No differentiation between long and shirt swipe. You can select the same actions for both sides and also select “none”.

How I replaced Inbox by Gmail - Trip bundles

Trip bundles in the Inbox iOS app. In the first episode of this short series, we proposed a Gmail setup to replace the reminder integration functionality of Inbox. Admittedly, it is not as appealing as Inbox in terms of elegance and graphical style , but it gets the job done quite nicely! The setup will further improve with the addition of customizable swipes to the Gmail iOS app , so for available only to Android users. This update is supposed to be rolling out as we speak. By the way, today, 3 April 2019, the Gmail iOS update has not yet reached my iPhone. And the Inbox app is still working! In this article we focus on the replacement of another beloved feature of Inbox: Trip bundles. Inbox conveniently created a bundle for each trip, elegantly displayed on the left side of the inbox. One tap and you would get all the details of your reservations, neatly organized, as well as the related email messages below. How can we replace this functionality after Inbox’s departu

How I replaced Inbox by Gmail - Emails and Reminders still in one place

If you are like me, you have been using Inbox by Gmail for the last few years. And you loved it. Sadly the service is shutting down in a few days... 💔 I enjoyed in particular one feature, which became part of my routine to deal with everything I have to do: emails and reminders all in the Inbox. Everything in one place. Handy, isn't it? So, first thing first, I sent feedback to Google to reclaim this lost feature. Yes, lost. Whilst Google suggests that most of Inbox features have been subsumed in Gmail, that is not entirely least not all in one mobile app... Second, I  looked into alternatives email apps, like Outlook , Spark , Edison , Newton , Spike ,  and many others... Although I found some of them appealing (Spark for example seems rather polished), they did not really tick all the boxes. In particular, none of them seemed to recognize the existing snoozed emails from Inbox or Gmail. That is, if you snoozed an email in Inbox/Gmail, you would n

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton